Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

Asian countries are rapidly gaining popularity. In Europe, everything has been studied for a long time, but Singapore, Japan, China and other countries in the region still seem very original and mysterious to many. China is vast and diverse; if time and resources allow, you can safely go there for several months. The capital of China, Beijing is a city of colossal proportions, in which traditional buildings are intertwined with the latest buildings made of glass and concrete. More than twenty million people live here and life here is constantly bustling. In this article we will tell you about those places that are worth visiting first.

Temple of Heaven

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

This complex is one of the most famous in Beijing; it has long been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Temple of Heaven was built almost six hundred years ago, in 1420. At that time, the Chinese believed that the emperor was sent from heaven, so every year the current emperor of China came here for prayer in order to feel the connection with heaven.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

The main hall has excellent acoustics, so the quiet voice of the clergy can always be heard very clearly. Well, guests are advised to refrain from verbal communication during their visit. The complex also has a separate hall where emperors prepared to read prayers, as well as several rooms in which they kept the necessary tools for performing the ritual.

The Great Wall of China

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

Visiting China and not seeing the Great Wall of China is like going to Paris and not climbing the Eiffel Tower. Construction of the wall began around the 3rd century BC. Disputes about its length continue: there is information about eight thousand and twenty thousand kilometers. This scatter occurs due to different assessment methods – either the length of the wall is taken into account exclusively, or together with branches.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

It’s hard to imagine what efforts and sacrifices it took to build the wall for protection from the Xiongnu nomads. Nowadays, the building serves only a decorative function and shows the power of ancient Chinese civilization. About one hundred and thirty kilometers from Beijing there is a section of the wall called Jinshalin, where you can climb the wall, and tours are also held there. Closer to the Chinese capital there are points Mutianyu, Symatai and Badaling, where you can also climb the wall.

Forbidden City

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

The Forbidden City is the name of another palace complex. True, it was not built for the prayers of emperors, but as a residence. At one time, astronomers determined the exact place where the Forbidden City was built – in the very center of ancient Beijing.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

The territory occupies 720 square kilometers, which houses almost a thousand buildings. Along the perimeter there is a moat with water. The city was often completed due to fires, but the entire style remained unchanged – you won’t see double-glazed windows or siding in the imperial palace.

Yonghegong Temple

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

There is no shortage of temples in Beijing, and if you walk from one to another all day, in the evening it will be difficult to tell how they all differ. But this does not apply to Yunhegong. This temple houses a twenty-six-meter tall Buddha statue, and you will definitely remember it. The temple consists of five halls: the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Dharmachakra Hall, the Hall of Eternal Protection, the Pavilion of 10,000 Fortunes, and the Hall of Harmony and Peace. The latter contains statues of the Buddhas of the Three Times: past, present and future.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

When visiting the temple, keep in mind that this is a sacred place for the Chinese, so you should not unnecessarily abuse the hospitality of the monks. They especially don’t like flashes, so try to take photos without additional lighting. The temple itself has a calm and welcoming atmosphere, which creates a strong contrast with the bustling Beijing.


Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

This is the name of the small streets of Beijing, whose age is estimated at centuries. They began to be built around the thirteenth century; wealthy people settled here. By our time, a couple of thousand hutongs remained; almost all streets are located a little away from the historical center.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

You can find anything on these streets: antique shops, cafes, museums, shops. Jiaoming, Yichi and Liulichang streets are especially popular among tourists; the latter has many shops with antiques. You definitely won’t leave without a souvenir.


Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

Beijing Zoo – one of the largest in the world, has a large territory, and in addition to animals, you can also see plants. The gardens are made in Chinese style, there are also plenty of ponds and streams. If animals don’t interest you, you can just walk around the park in silence.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

And if you are interested, then you will experience real delight. The Beijing Zoo has Tibetan yaks, elephants, tigers, pandas (where would China be without them),

monkeys and other animals. In addition, the zoo also houses the country’s largest aquarium. There you can watch shows with sea lions, dolphins and even stingrays.

Arts Zone 798

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

This place hosts many contemporary art exhibitions, both Chinese and foreign. The complex is located on the territory of a former factory, which adds color. There are several dozen galleries, halls and studios where works of both emerging artists and world famous ones are exhibited – for example, Andy Warhol.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

Near the exhibition halls there are shops, cafes and souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs and themed accessories such as bags, backpacks and umbrellas. Admission is free, and there is ample parking for tourists with cars.

Valley of the Tomb

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

The place is located fifty kilometers from Beijing and is called Shisanling in Chinese. This is a tomb complex that houses thirteen of the sixteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty. You are allowed to visit two tombs, the rest are closed to tourists.

Beijing guide: where to stay and what to see

The Valley of the Tombs is quite impressive. In addition to the complex itself, it offers a beautiful view of the valley. If you are ready to travel outside of Beijing, Shisanling is definitely worth seeing.

Where to stay?

Beijing Xinghaiqi Hotel

In a three-star hotel, which is located near the center, you can get all the necessary amenities for a very affordable price tag. There are designated smoking areas, and rooms are available for families traveling.

But parking is paid, and breakfast is not included in the price. Although, at such prices for rooms, it’s hard to complain: a standard room will cost a little more than 3,000 rubles.

CYTS Shanshui Trends Hotel Beijing BaJiao

This hotel has excellent reviews, but there is a small drawback: it is located 17 kilometers from the center. However, by Beijing standards this is not a distance.

The hotel offers several types of rooms. The cheapest, for approximately 2800 rubles, will be a standard room. An improved option starts from 3 thousand, and a room for one person costs the same. Breakfast is not included in the price, but parking is free.

Nostalgia Hotel Temple of Heaven

The hotel has standard and family rooms. The first cost an average of 3,800 rubles per day, and families will need to pay at least 4,500 rubles.

A children’s playroom is provided, so you can easily leave your children under the supervision of the hotel staff and go explore the city yourself. The hotel is located almost in the center, so if you wish, you can walk and save on a taxi.

Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen

Let’s move on to hotels at a higher level. A four-star hotel of a well-known chain is located near the center of Beijing, and accommodation does not cost exorbitant amounts of money. Standard and superior rooms will cost an average of 6.5-7000 rubles, deluxe rooms – 12,000 rubles.

The list of services is much wider than in three-star hotels. Free transfer, car rental, fitness room. Considering the location and high ratings from guests, the offer is quite tempting.

Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace

The 4* hotel of another large chain was built in 2008. The upper levels of the 25-story building offer beautiful views of the city. Guests have access to a swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, spa center and other pleasures of staying in a very expensive hotel.

The cheapest room costs about 9,000 rubles, and prices for a deluxe suite exceed 18,000 rubles. The hotel is located seven kilometers from the center of Beijing.

NUO Hotel Beijing

A five-star hotel offers the widest range of services. There are 439 rooms here. Any needs of the guest are provided for: you can leave your child with a nanny, rent a car or bicycle, relax in the massage room after a busy day of sightseeing.

The prices are not as exorbitant as you might think. A deluxe room costs 10,000 rubles, and the most expensive club room is priced at almost 17,000 rubles.

Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Built in 2012, the five-star hotel is suitable for those who, in principle, do not look at prices. A standard room costs 35,000 rubles, and a luxury room is close to 50,000. And even for that kind of money, parking will be paid.

The hotel has a luxurious swimming pool, sauna, spa, steam bath and massage room.

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