BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child


We chose the package Flight + hotel: 38,993 rubles.

Flight: S7 direct

In addition to S7, Iberia, Vueling, Ural Airlines, Aeroflot and many other airlines fly to Barcelona. On the plane, the child was given a children’s magazine with coloring books. Lunch on board – a bun, chocolate, pate, fruit jelly, boiled vegetables or chicken cutlet with rice. Drinks as usual: juices, tea, coffee. It is quite enough for a short flight.


On our flight there was a charge for baggage, so we limited ourselves to free hand luggage (10 kg, up to 55x40x20 cm). For a couple of days in Barcelona, ​​we took a few things with us that fit perfectly into a small suitcase. We also had the Babyzen YoYo stroller with us: it folds easily and fits like carry-on luggage. To ensure there is room for your stroller in the hand luggage compartment, it is better to be one of the first to board the plane.


BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child


Eric Vökel Bcn Suites

Why apartments and not a hotel?

  1. Balconies
  2. Lots of space to run and play
  3. There is a kitchen and all household appliances

Why these particular apartments?

  1. Fits in budget
  2. Spacious – as much as 55 sq.m
  3. Quiet residential area
  4. There are 2 metro stations nearby: Sagrada Familia and Verdaguer, convenient to move around the city
  5. Quiet residential area
  6. Walking distance from Sagrada Familia
  7. 2 open balconies
  8. Kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, iron, stable Wi-Fi with good speed

Moving around the city

In the off-season it is comfortable to move around the city: there are very few tourists.
We moved mainly by subway, buses and on foot. The metro has elevators, so it is very convenient with a stroller. Buses run on schedule (I always used Google maps). Taxis were used only once.

Rent a bicycle with a child seat: a great opportunity to quickly see the city and get into a great mood.


We bought a SIM card at the airport. Vodafone 2Gb cost 20 euros.

Where to go for a walk

Barceloneta Beach

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: @niinakristiinan

Barceloneta is the most famous beach in Barcelona. The easiest way to get there is by metro on the yellow line. Walking from the city takes approximately 20 minutes. There is an embankment along the entire beach, which is very pleasant to walk along with a view of the sea. In the off-season, the sea in Barcelona is cool, but a child can play enough in the sand on the beach.

Park Güell

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child


The famous park, created by Antonio Gaudi, looks more like a fairyland. Houses of bizarre shapes, colorful turrets, lawns and flower beds take you straight to the fairy tale about Alice in Wonderland. Children will love the famous mosaics, live music from street musicians and parrots hovering overhead. And parents will be able to relax, looking at the lush greenery, palm trees and enjoying the view of the city.

Price: 7 euros

La Ramblas

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: PitK/

A pedestrian street in the center of Barcelona that leads from the city center directly to the port. This boulevard is called the soul of Barcelona – from morning until late at night, life is in full swing here: street vendors sell flowers and sweets, locals dine on the open terraces of restaurants, and musicians play popular tunes. This feels like real Barcelona!

Sagrada Familia

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: @dorpell

The famous cathedral has been under construction for 120 years. You can look at the monumental building for hours, walking around with a glass of coffee, or go inside and admire the stained glass windows, huge columns and sculptures. Near the cathedral there is a park with a children’s playground, where a child will happily spend half an hour or an hour.

Where is: Carrer de Mallorca, 401

Mount Montjuic

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child


On Montjuïc there are the best museums in Barcelona, ​​Olympic venues built for the 1992 Games, as well as many parks where you can take a leisurely stroll with beautiful views of the entire city. In the evening, magical singing fountains turn on on the mountain: jets of water shining in all colors fly into the air to the famous melodies. A fascinating sight!

Barceloneta – Montjuïc Funicular: 4.10 euros with purchase of park entrance ticket, 7.70 euros without purchase of entrance ticket

Parc de la Ciutadella

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: PitK/

Very beautiful green park with fountains and statues. In warm weather, you can rent a boat here and sail around the ponds; in cold weather, you can look into the greenhouse with tropical plants. There are benches everywhere in the park, and ducks and swans walk between them from lawn to lawn. Parc de la Ciutadella is a great place to relax on a sunny day.

Where is: Passeig de Picasso, 21
Price: free

Where to go

La Boqueria Market

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: Tupungato/

Perhaps one of the most famous markets in the world is the Boqueria market in Barcelona. Mountains of fruits and vegetables, from which colorful smoothies, cheeses and jamons of all sorts are prepared right here, sweets and food courts with national cuisine, run by smiling, noisy Spaniards. People go to the Boqueria market for some color and a joyful, bustling mood. And children here will be delighted with the colorful stalls and kind sellers who strive to treat the kids with something tasty.

Where is: La Rambla, 91

Norma Comics Comics Store

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child


Norma Comics is one of the largest comic book stores in Europe. School-age children (and adults too, to be honest!) will find it incredibly interesting. The two-story store with an area of ​​700 square meters is divided into three departments: European comics, American and manga. There are departments for children’s comics, literature, illustrated books, gifts and souvenirs, and even a separate area dedicated to Tintin, the main character of the comic book series The Adventures of Tintin.

Where is: Passeig Sant Joan, 9
Website: www.normacomics .com

Pastry shop Escriba

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: Viktor Forgacs/

The Escriba confectionery has been making the best sweets in the city since 1906. Here you can try Catalan desserts, sweets in the form of various animals and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Where is: Rambla de les Flors 83

Aquarium Aquàrium de Barcelona

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: Craig Lovelidge/

The Barcelona Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Europe. More than 11 thousand sea creatures live here. The main feature of the oceanarium is an 80-meter long underwater tunnel. A walk through the tunnel will take you to a fabulous underwater kingdom, where exotic fish of tropical colors, huge toothy sharks and funny stingrays swim around. Usually children enjoy the aquarium so much that they simply refuse to leave.

Where is: Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell
children 3-4 years old – 7 euros, children 5-10 years old – 15 euros, adults (from 11 years old) – 20 euros.
diving with sharks – 300 euros

Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona is every child’s dream. Here he will be told and shown the history of chocolate, ancient methods of its preparation and treated to chocolate delicacies in a coffee shop. Chocolate is everywhere here, from the entrance ticket in the form of a chocolate bar to the huge statues and figures of fairy-tale characters.

Where is: Carrer del Comerç, 36
Price: children under 7 years free, adults – 6 euros.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: @simonabadu

Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Spain. It is located on a mountain at an altitude of 512 meters, so you can get here only in two ways: by tram and then by funicular, or by a special Tibi Bus shuttle, which regularly departs from Plaza Catalunya. The park’s attractions – roller coasters, Ferris wheels and carousels – will amuse not only children, but also parents. The only limitation is that during the off-season the park is open only on weekends.
Adults on the mountain will be interested in seeing the magnificent Temple of the Sacred Heart, which seems to soar straight into the sky. The best view of the whole of Barcelona opens from Mount Tibidabo.

Where is: Plaça Tibidabo, 3-4

  • one way tram ride – 3 euros
  • two-way funicular ride – 7.5 euros
  • visit to the observation deck – 5.60 euros
  • entrance to the park for the whole day: adults and children above 1 m 20 cm – 28.20 euros, children from 90 cm to 1 m 20 cm – 10 euros.

Barcelona Zoo

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: Carlota Vidal/

The zoo is located almost in the city center, in the Parc de la Ciutadella park. The zoo is very cozy: a child can see live lions, tigers, gorillas, fur seals and other wild animals here – more than 2 thousand of them live here! There is also a real farm on the territory of the zoo, where children can feed and play with rabbits, goats, sheep, horses and even hamsters.

Where is: Parc de la Ciutadella
Adult ticket – 19.00 euros
Children up to 12 years – 11.40 euros

Rope park Bosc Urbà

The rope park is ideal entertainment for older children. Bosc Urbà is designed like a panda park: there are tracks of three difficulty levels on which you need to overcome various obstacles. Each child is fastened with a reliable safety harness, so there is no chance of a fall. The park is covered with a roof, this allows you to have fun here even on a rainy day.

Where is: Parc del Forum
orange piste – 11 euros, red or blue piste – 17 euros, ticket for all pistes – 24 euros

Food in Barcelona

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Photo: Cel Lisboa/

Barcelona is a coastal city, so almost all catering establishments here serve amazingly delicious seafood. And paella and tortilla are the same Spanish national dishes that are definitely worth trying in Barcelona!

My Way

A great place for a leisurely lunch or family dinner. A varied menu, delicious meat and desserts, as well as national Spanish cuisine.

Where is: Carrer de les Heures 4-10

Teoric Taverna Gastronomica

A good place to get acquainted with Catalan cuisine. They serve delicious ravioli, unusual tapas and rare types of seafood. Elegant presentation and not too high prices attract locals who appreciate the service and friendly atmosphere.

Where is: Carrer de Bailen, 117

OGGI Officina Gelato Gusto Italiano

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Igor Ovsyannykov/

What child would refuse ice cream? All lovers of this magical treat should definitely visit the OGGI gelateria. There are ice cream in every possible flavor and color, as well as options for vegans and allergy sufferers made with plant-based milk.

Where is: Carrer Comtal 15

Faborit Casa Amatller

Faborit Casa Amatller will definitely appeal to all adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Here you can find a huge selection of fruit and vegetable smoothies, healthy salads and soups, gluten-free baked goods and other healthy goodies.

Where is: Paseo De Gracia, 41


Unusual variations of Mediterranean cuisine, a large selection of excellent wines and an incredible intimate atmosphere highlight this restaurant on the gastronomic map of Barcelona. There are only 16 seats in this restaurant, so it is better to reserve a table in advance. It’s worth it, believe me!

Where is: Carrer Saragossa, 85


One of the most popular restaurants in Barcelona. Tourists and locals come here for delicious sangria, desserts and extraordinary main courses. Book your table in advance to guarantee entry.

Where is: Carrer del Vidre, 7

Bodega Biarritz 1881

The specialty of this restaurant is traditional Spanish tapas. Here you can try sweet, salty, large, small, meat and vegetarian tapas for every taste. Just what you need after a long walk along Rambla – the restaurant is located on one of the neighboring streets.

Where is: Calle Vidre, 8

Preview photo: Sergei Babenko/

BARCELONA WITH KID: weekend in Barcelona with a child

Excursions in Barcelona for children

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