Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

15 free entertainment in Zurich

Switzerland has been a big dream of mine for a long time. This country seemed to be a concentration of fabulous landscapes, magical mountains, green meadows and happy people. When my subscribers almost unanimously voted for Zurich to travel on the Kudablin project from OneTwoTrip, I was almost not surprised – they knew so well about my cherished dream that they happily helped make it come true!

And finally Zurich greets me with rainy weather, but this does not upset me at all! A beautiful, atmospheric Old Town with narrow streets and small shops, a lake, the ringing of bells throughout the city every hour, delicious smells from many restaurants, ancient signs – how can you not fall in love with all this at first sight?

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

The forecast promised bright, warm sun the very next day, so it was decided to have a small picnic on the shore of Lake Zurich (Zürichsee).

Mountains rise on the horizon, the water glistens in the sun, swans and ducks swim past, there are many other lovers of outdoor food around – the best idea for a day off! I spied on the locals: 300 meters from the lake there is a Coop supermarket with fresh pastries, fruit and good coffee.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Zurich

After a picnic, you can take a walk to the Grossmünster Cathedral and climb to the observation deck, which offers amazing views of the entire city and the mountains in the distance.

Many people refuse to travel to Switzerland because of the well-known opinion that everything in this country is too expensive. I’ve put together a whole list of absolutely free things to do in Zurich to debunk this myth.

So, in Zurich you can do it for free and interestingly:

?  Rent a bicycle (however, you will still need to leave a deposit of 20 francs). The main parking areas are Velogate (Swiss National Museum) and Bike Station South (Sihlpost).

?  Sign up for free city tours (

?  Visit the free Earth Science Museum Focus Terra at ETH.

?  Take a walk in the Lagenberg Wildlife Park and see the animals.

?  Visit the beautiful churches of Grossmünster, St. Peter’s Church and Fraumünster.

?  Climb the Lindenhof hill, from where you can take the best panoramic photos of the city.

?  Visit the most beautiful park with flowers Belvoir Park.

?  Plan a few hours at the free Paleontological Museum at the ETH University.

?  Watch exotic birds at the Voliere Zürich ornithological nursery with free admission.

?  View Zurich from a height of 869 meters on Mount Uetliberg.

?  Every Wednesday you can enter the Kunsthaus Museum for free – Picasso and Van Gogh are waiting for you.

?  For education lovers, check the schedule of free open lectures at the University of Zurich (

?  Take a break from the hustle and bustle in the Botanischer Garten Zürich.

? Every Thursday, admission to the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art is free from 17:00 to 20:00.

?  And for dessert: a website with a list of free events in Zurich

Plus, Zurich is great for solo travelers like me: it’s calm, safe, the transport system and navigation in the city are very clear, and it’s very easy to find fun things to do.

Did Switzerland live up to my expectations? One hundred percent! This is a truly beautiful, calm, well-kept country, the landscapes of which will take your breath away. You can explore its beauty endlessly – I’m sure I’ll come back here again!

Text and photo author:  Sofia Pashkina
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