Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

In the “Cudablin” project, we send completely different people on trips at our expense! Vera Churina visited Vienna: she received and conveyed to us congratulations from tourists and residents of Vienna, found out where the best breakfasts in the city were prepared and felt like the hero of a fairy tale. More details in her report!

Who said that miracles don’t happen? I officially declare that this is not so! December and @onetwotrip — They clearly showed me this and decided to send me on a special assignment for the #whereblin project, but where I will go should be decided by YOU! One thing I can say is that the Christmas mood in these cities is damn good! Well, let’s vote: 1. Brussels 2. Dresden 3. Vienna Voting will last until 10.00 tomorrow Moscow time Ooooh and I’m worried

Published by Churina Vera & Cat Finik (@vera_churina) Dec 6, 2017 at 11:01 PST

Good morning, dears ✨ Recently you sent me #kudablin to Vienna and tomorrow I’m going on a special mission, which you will choose again So , we choose one of three options for what I will have to do in Vienna: 1. Prepare and treat Olivier to the local residents. 2. Collect 7 New Year’s greetings from local residents for Russians with a photo or video report. 3. Make someone’s Christmas wish come true. I’m already all worried about what you will choose and how I will carry it all out. Let’s go! Voting until tomorrow morning

Published by Churina Vera & Cat Finik (@vera_churina) Dec 14, 2017 at 10:13 PST

The end of autumn and the beginning of winter is a period of magic in Europe. Big cities begin to resemble illustrations from children’s fairy tales, and the air smells of hot chocolate and cinnamon. Going to the capital of Austria during the Christmas season is no joke; there are a huge number of people on the street moving from one fair to another. You get the feeling that you are in the center of a stream of endlessly changing faces. But that’s the whole thrill. Everyone walks around joyful, smiling, drinks aromatic mulled wine, communicates, congratulates each other.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

Getting from the airport to the city is quite simple: you buy a train ticket, most importantly, take the S7 trains – they are the cheapest, and the ride takes approximately 20-25 minutes.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

Christmas Vienna amazes with the scale of the celebration – one fair flows into another, the smell of fried sausages and punch, loud laughter and communication can be heard from everywhere. For myself, I have highlighted a few of the most memorable ones:

  • Vienna Christmas Market on the Town Hall Square;
  • Christmas market in Spittelberg;
  • Christmas market on Maria Theresa Square.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

It was at the fair that I decided to “catch” people for congratulations. For the first thirty minutes, I hesitated and was embarrassed; I just couldn’t muster the courage to come up and speak, given the fact that my English was not up to par. But everything went like clockwork! I saw a cheerful company and decided to approach them! The guys happily agreed to wish us a “Happy New Year” – it was very cool, fun and unusual. It’s surprising that those I approached didn’t refuse me. In fact, I didn’t expect this, I thought that people would be dumbfounded and not want to say anything. Fortunately, I was wrong and ended up having a lot of pleasant experiences.

And it’s simply impossible to go hungry in Vienna – the food here is incredibly delicious. I liked it most in two places:

  • Breakfasts from around the world are served at the Haas Tea Room & Haas is right behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I recommend this place to everyone. The menu offers more than 30 breakfast options, served in accordance with the traditions of different countries.
  • Cafe Landtmann is the largest cafe in Vienna; Sigmund Freud, Paul McCartney and Hilary Clinton visited here. It has amazing food, good service, live music in the evenings, and the most delicious apple strudel.

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Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Vienna

Text and photo author: Vera Churina (@vera_churina)
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