Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

In the “Cudablin” project, we send completely different people on trips at our expense! Dmitry Knysh visited Milan: he visited Milanese museums, saw Lake Como and hid gifts for subscribers in the city! More details in his report!

Departure at 4:20 am is always pleasant; there is an opportunity to spend a full day in a new country, which is good news.

My flight was very comfortable, albeit with a transfer, but there was time to see Riga, even if only from the airport windows.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

Arriving in Milan, I decided not to turn on the phone, I thought that it would be much more interesting, so I took the first bus to Milan and hit the road. A bus from the airport to Milan costs only 8 euros, the buses have wi-fi, which is very convenient.

My hotel was not far from the central station, so I didn’t take a taxi and decided to walk.

Since my navigator did not work without the Internet, I asked passers-by how to get to the desired street. Italians hardly speak English, but they are very friendly, so they tried their best to help me. The most important thing when talking to them is to smile; they really love cheerful and open people. I was escorted almost to the hotel door and left there.

The hotel was very cool, the room was small but very cozy + the hotel was located 10-15 minutes from the central square, where I met a friend on the first day.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

We went to the Museum of Modern Art. Museums in Milan are radically different from those in Moscow. The works that are exhibited there seemed to me much more interesting, we spent 2 hours in the museum as it was incredibly interesting.

I went back to the hotel, rested a little and went out at night for a walk to the central square. Milan is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. There are many times fewer people on the streets, but despite this the city still seems very lively and soulful. But I needed to go to bed early because I was planning to go to Lake Como the next day!

At 10 am I went to the central station to buy tickets to Como. The ticket cost 4 euros, but the train departed from another station, I took a ride on the metro and, fully confident that I did everything right, boarded the train. After passing 7 stations, the controller came up to me and asked to show me my ticket. It turned out that before entering the carriage you need to punch the tickets yourself, which, of course, no one warned me about and I was awarded a fine of 47 euros. There was no point in arguing, so I just paid the fine and moved on.

I was completely unlucky with the weather, but Como looks amazing even in bad weather.

After walking through the streets of the city and trying Italian gelato, I took a ticket on a small boat to see the surrounding area.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

I was in a sad mood; traveling in a group to such a romantic place would have been much more fun, but I was pleased that I could be alone with myself and just relax.

After the walk on the water, I went back to Milan, first punching a ticket so as not to run into a fine again.

Milan met with rain and I decided to go to a local bar, very cozy and colorful, I didn’t remember its name, but it was very cool and crowded, and the atmosphere was very family-friendly and warm.

At the bar, I remembered that I had a mission the next day to hide a colorful gift for subscribers, I drank another glass of my favorite “old fashioned” and went to bed.

Finding a grocery store in Milan is quite a quest. A huge number of restaurants and eateries, but not a single grocery store. After an hour of walking around the city, I found a wine store where I bought a gift for my subscribers. Then I wandered around for another hour to find a place to hide it.
Just a day after publishing the story with the bookmark of the gift, my subscribers found it.

Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

After a walk around the city, I went to the airport, two days was enough for me to see everything I wanted to see in Milan and at the same time meet wonderful people!

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Adventures of a Kudablin participant in Milan

Author of text and photo: Dmitry Knysh (@octopusys)
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