A new look at organizing business trips: description of the OneTwoTrip for Business service

A new look at organizing business trips: description of the OneTwoTrip for Business service

Is it really so convenient to organize business trips through OneTwoTrip for Business?
So that you don’t have such questions, we decided to tell you in detail about our service: what happens after registration, how work with a personal document and how to search and book tickets and hotels.

A webinar was held on the same topic in March 2019, and if you prefer to watch the video rather than read, look for the recording here. 

Starting work and adding employees

After signing the agreement, you will receive a login and password to your email. The link will take you to the administrator’s account. An administrator is an employee of your company who can add users and manage their rights. 

And the first step is to add to the system the data of employees who go on business trips and for whom you will book tickets and hotels. You can add data manually for one employee, or you can immediately upload the file in a convenient format, and all the necessary information will appear in the administrator’s personal account.

When adding an employee, you indicate his personal data and documents. You can add airline rewards cards to help employees earn miles. 

Each employee can be given certain rights and set limits:

  • book only tickets, only hotels or both;
  • make orders only for yourself or both other employees;
  • set limits on budget, hotel star rating and flight class;
  • pay for orders with a corporate card;
  • use bonuses when paying;
  • view financial reports or not.

For example, you can create an account for a manager who often travels on business trips, and give him the opportunity to buy his own air tickets and book hotels, indicating that the star rating of the hotel should not exceed 3*, and the air ticket should be economy. class and no more than 30 thousand rubles.

You can also create an account for employees of the finance department or accounting department. They will be able to view financial reports, download closing documents and analytics, but will not be able to book tickets and hotels. Thus, they will be able to use their personal account only as an analytical tool.

Employee access can be blocked. This is convenient when leaving: all data will be saved, but the employee himself will no longer be able to enter his office. 

Administrator account

In the “Account” section of the administrator, all account data is visible. There you can top up your deposit, view instructions on how the system works, and find a memo for the finance department. The memo contains popular questions that accounting departments may have about accounting for tourism services in the system, questions about reporting, VAT, and so on.

The service agreement concluded with OneTwoTrip for Business is also located in the administrator account.

The administrator can view all orders placed by company employees. Orders can be filtered by booking time, period, order types, and users. There is also a section with all completed transactions, where financial information is displayed.

Closing documents

The “Documents” tab of your personal account displays all closing documents for orders. They appear in your personal account at the end of the reporting period. Documents can be filtered by month, documents and invoices can be downloaded separately, or general documents can be downloaded for the entire period or separately by day. Saving is available in different formats, such as .pdf or .xls.

Employee’s personal account

After the administrator adds employees, letters with data for access to personal accounts are sent to their email addresses. 

An employee’s personal account is similar to an administrator’s account. It does not have the functionality to add other employees and does not have the ability to manage access rights. The employee himself can replenish the deposit (more precisely, order an account for replenishment) and request changes to documents (only the administrator who receives this request can change documents). The employee also sees what rights and limits are set for him.

Ticket and hotel reservations

Booking tickets and hotels is no different from regular booking on classic travel planning sites, for example OneTwoTrip. 

To search for air tickets, you need to select a route, dates, and number of passengers. The system offers all available options, among which the employee can find the optimal one. To narrow the search, you can apply filters: by cost, time of departure or arrival, airlines, number of transfers and luggage. 

After selecting the desired ticket, you can view the fare rules. Next, you need to select passengers from a pre-entered list of employees, and their passport data will be automatically pulled from the system. 

When booking, you will immediately see the final price including all fees, taxes and airline fare. All that remains is to pay with a corporate card, from a deposit or even bonuses. OneTwoTrip for Business often hosts various promotions, for example, with banks or airlines, under the terms of which you can receive bonuses. 

After booking a ticket, the order is added to the list of all orders, and the ticket is sent to the email of the employee who made the reservation. 

The order can be canceled or changed. If you need an exchange, for example, change dates or change flight class, the system will offer available options and calculate how much you need to pay extra. When returning, you must select the type of return (voluntary or involuntary) and submit a return request.

Searching for a hotel is also no different from a regular search on any travel planning site. The system offers all available accommodation options, which can be filtered by cost, number of stars, type, and so on. It is convenient to choose a hotel on the map if you know the area in which you want to stay. There are two payment methods: immediately upon booking or upon check-in at the hotel itself. The last method is convenient if your company allows such accounting in which an employee pays with a corporate or personal card, receives documents directly from the hotel and submits them to the accounting department for reporting. 

After choosing a hotel, you can specify the necessary services (for example, include breakfast) and after that select one of the available rooms. The conditions for canceling an order are also usually specified at this stage, that is, even before booking a room.

The hotel voucher arrives by email and appears in the list of created orders in your personal account. You can print it in Russian and English. 

Searching and purchasing train tickets is also standard: you need to select the direction, dates, number of passengers. The results can be filtered by cost, departure and arrival times, car class, and so on. The system contains tickets from Russian Railways, Kazakhstan Railways and tickets from European railway carriers. Tickets can be selected on the carriage diagram. The order will be saved in your personal account, the ticket will be sent by mail.


You can pay for your order with a deposit or a corporate card. If your company has several corporate cards, you can add them all – there are no restrictions on the number.  Payment by cards of individuals is not allowed. 

An administrator or employee can replenish the deposit account in the “Account” section. To do this, you need to specify the amount, and an invoice for payment will be automatically generated. After paying the invoice, the money is credited to the deposit. This usually takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the bank. 

Features and advantages of the OneTwoTrip for Business service

  • A large number of options: tickets from more than 800 airlines, including low-cost airlines, more than 2,000,000 accommodation options around the world (hotels, apartments, guest houses, hostels), railway tickets in Russia, Kazakhstan and Europe.
  •  Favourable prices. Tariffs for corporate clients are lower than for individuals on OneTwoTrip.
  • The service provides all closing documents. Originals are delivered by mail or courier.
  • Support works around the clock, operators respond not only by phone or mail, but also in popular instant messengers (VK, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp).

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