8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a very modern feel. Although it’s hard to compare with Amsterdam, Rotterdam deserves to be seen for its architecture and attractions. Among them are the Central Station building, the Markthal market, whose ceilings are a work of art in themselves, and the Luchtsingel, a 390-meter wooden pedestrian bridge connecting the city center and its northern part. The bridge project was implemented through crowdfunding platforms and is one of the best examples of the mood that is now felt in the air.

Another advantage of Rotterdam is its architecture, both modern and what was preserved after the Second World War. Almost all buildings have a bold design and a desire for height.

The port deserves special attention; it is the largest in Europe, and therefore it accumulates a lot in itself, both from a financial and logistical point of view.

Not convincing enough? We have collected 8 reasons that will surely inspire you to come to Rotterdam.

1. Here’s some inspiring street art

You don’t have to spend money to see the works of world-famous artists and sculptors, and all because in Rotterdam many of the works are located along the Westersingel canal. Among them are the works of Auguste Rodin, Joel Shapiro and Pablo Picasso.

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

2. There is a rich nightlife here

Casual and non-forced cafes and bars are scattered throughout the city. But locals advise taking a walk along Witte de Withstraat, because that’s where there are the most of them. There are establishments here for every taste: both for lovers of cocktails and for those specializing in wine or something stronger.

For live music from jazz to hip-hop, head to Bird Club. It is located in the northern part of the city, not far from the railway arch.

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

3. The architecture here is amazing

Walk along the Maas River embankment to De Rotterdam. This is a 149-meter-high skyscraper, designed by Rem Koolhaas. The building is commonly described as a “vertical city”, and needless to say, it offers beautiful views?

The Van Nell factory was opened in 1932 initially to process and package bagged tea, coffee and tobacco. Today, it houses many corporate offices and conference rooms, and the building itself is an excellent example of carefully thought-out Dutch functionalism.

To learn more about Dutch architecture and design, head to Het Nieuwe, which regularly hosts exhibitions and events. For something more modern, check out nearby Sonneveld House – in the 1930s it was considered the ideal home for the ideal family.

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

4. It’s more fun to take a taxi here than anywhere else

There is a water taxi service in Rotterdam that organizes small sightseeing excursions. The average speed of the boat is 50 km/h, which means you will definitely not get caught in a traffic jam and ride with the breeze.

5. Great art galleries here

Thanks to the fact that the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum is located in a spectacular brick tower, it is almost impossible to pass by. The contents of the museum deserve even more attention, since its collection includes works by such masters as Rembrandt, Basch, Magritte and Mondrian, and among his contemporaries there are paintings by Maurizio Cattelan and Pipilotti Rist.

The Rotterdam Museum’s collection of drawings and prints is considered one of the most important for understanding the development of painting in the world. Many works by Albert Durer and Paul Cézanne are kept here.

Here you can also see how interiors in Dutch houses developed over 8 centuries – from the Golden Age to the times of Rietveld.

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

6. The food here is excellent

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, quality place to grab a bite to eat, head to Bazar, which features a menu of Middle Eastern and North African cuisines.

The emergence and constant renewal of restaurants is changing the culinary scene in Rotterdam, and it is very interesting to watch. For example, at Restaurant de Jong you only need to decide which set to choose – vegetable or with meat, the chefs will think about everything else.

8 reasons to explore Rotterdam

7. There are quality hotels for almost any budget

Rotterdam has quite a large selection of inexpensive places to stay. One of the best is King Kong Hostel, whose rooms are decorated with works of local artists.

Another option is Citizen M Rotterdam. It is located in the area of ​​the old port of Oudehaven, not far from Markthal.

Prices at Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Center will be a little higher, but in addition to a great room you will also have a wonderful view of the Erasmus Bridge.

8. This is a great airport

Schiphol Airport is very close to the city, and there are direct trains from Amsterdam Airport. The journey to Rotterdam itself will take only 27 minutes.

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