7 places to visit in Taiwan

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean with an area of ​​34.5 thousand square kilometers and the Chinese province of the same name. True, local residents have been actively fighting for their independence from Beijing for more than half a century. They are trying to achieve international recognition of the Republic of China (as they call their state). At the moment, this task has only been partially completed: Taiwan’s independence has been recognized by 22 states, among which there is not a single famous world leader.

Tourists come to the island of Taiwan all year round for various reasons. Some are attracted by national parks and reserves, which occupy up to 20 percent of the island’s territory. And some are attracted by architectural sights, among which there are masterpieces of Chinese, Japanese and European engineers. Taiwan is also popular among entrepreneurs from all over the world, as large international forums and conferences are regularly held here.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

How to get to Taiwan?

There are 3 operating airports in Taiwan. The largest of them is in Taipei. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Moscow to this city, so first you will need to fly to Bangkok, Beijing, Istanbul or Hong Kong, and from there fly to the capital of Taiwan. The approximate travel time with a transfer in Beijing is about 12 hours. The cost of a one-way ticket is approximately 22 thousand rubles.

Buses, trains and taxis regularly run from the airport to the capital of Taiwan. The cost of a bus ticket is 30 Taiwan dollars (60 rubles). The train, which will take you to the center of Taipei in 20 minutes, will cost more – 160 Taiwan dollars (330 rubles).

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Useful information for travelers

The official language of Taiwan is Chinese, but most locals speak English easily. The official religion is Buddhism. The main currency is the Taiwanese dollar. Credit or debit cards can be used to pay in almost all hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. When planning a trip to Taiwan, remember that the rainy season begins here from June to August, and the northern part of the island is characterized by increased cloudiness almost all year round.

The Taiwanese are very friendly and welcoming, and you should not have any difficulties communicating with the local population. If you’re going on a self-guided tour of the island, don’t forget to bring your hotel’s business card – this safety rule applies to all countries, and if you get lost, locals or taxi drivers will always help you find your way to your hotel. On the other hand, for the convenience of tourists, many inscriptions on the signs are written in Latin.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Remember that photography and video shooting are prohibited in most temples, and smoking is prohibited in public areas. Contrary to the expectations of many tourists, here you will hardly see residents in traditional Chinese clothes. Modern European style is in fashion in Taiwan. True, there are nuances, for example, the Taiwanese do not wear flip-flops, since they are considered to be shoes for the poor.

You can travel around the island using high-speed trains, local airlines, buses, or rent a bicycle or car. However, it is worth remembering that in the capital the roads are very confusing, traffic jams and congestion often form, and there are serious problems with parking. In this regard, it is best to use a rented car for intercity trips. Moreover, there is something to see here. We present to your attention the most interesting sights of Taiwan.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Taipei Skyscraper 101

This giant, more than 500 meters high, is a true marvel of engineering. The skyscraper was erected in record time. It took only 6 years to build.

Since the 101-story building was erected in an area of ​​earthquakes and strong winds, these factors were taken into account during the design: a giant ball weighing 800 tons was installed on the 92nd floor. Thanks to this design, Taipei 101 skyscraper is considered the safest in the world. In a strong wind, the ball swings, extinguishing the inertia of the building, due to which it remains motionless.

The skyscraper consists of 8 tiers with open areas that rise above the base base of 25 floors. Currently, Taipei 101 is the sixth tallest building in the world. Tourists can enter it completely free of charge. But in order to get to the 89th or 91st floor, where the observation decks are located, using a high-speed elevator in 39 seconds, you will have to pay. An important nuance. There are two types of tickets. A regular one costs about 95 yuan (950 rubles). With such a ticket, you risk spending a lot of time in line to enter. And there is a special ticket that allows you to go straight to the elevator. True, its price is twice as high.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

National Palace Museum

In Taipei, be sure to visit the National Palace Museum. Its collection numbers about 720 thousand exhibits. Paintings that once adorned the walls of palaces belonging to the Yuan, Song and Qing dynasties are exhibited here. The halls display amazingly beautiful porcelain sets, jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones, books and other antiques. The surroundings of the museum are picturesque parks and squares, where you can stroll in the shade of trees and take a break from the bustle of the city.

Be careful, the museum does not have descriptions of some exhibits in English. In this regard, we advise you to prepare thoroughly before visiting the palace. Otherwise, it will be unclear why there are such long queues for some items, and whether it is worth spending time on them.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

E-Liu Geopark

East of Taipei is the small town of Wanli, where the Ye-Liu Geopark is located on the cape of the same name. For several millennia, water and wind created fantastic “sculptures” in the rocks. It is amazing that all these “mushrooms”, “honeycombs”, “candles” and even the famous “Queen’s Head” were created not by man, but by nature, whose activity does not stop for a minute. There is an observation deck on the outskirts of the park, which offers excellent views of the East China Sea.

When walking through Ye-Liu Park, it is important not to forget about safety precautions. Since the cape extends almost two kilometers into the sea, it can be unsafe here during bad weather. There is a special red rope in the water along the shore, it is forbidden to go beyond it: there have been cases when people were carried out to sea.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Yangmingshan National Park

Just 20 kilometers from the capital of Taiwan is the amazingly beautiful Yangmingshan National Park. Its area is 11 hectares, it is located at an altitude of 200 to 1120 meters above sea level. Visitors to the park can take part in a clever “attraction”, which was specially invented by the administration to attract as many tourists as possible. Wearing rubber boots, anyone can walk through a clearing strewn with calla lilies and collect a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, which will be immediately packed by helpful staff. In addition, you can wander along narrow paths, rest in a small hotel, taste national cuisine, and visit hot springs, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Sacred Hall of Military and Literary Arts

Kaohsiung City, a 4-hour drive from the capital of Taiwan, is famous for its Sacred Hall of Martial and Literary Arts. It was erected to worship the warrior god Guan Gong and the ancient thinker Confucius. At the bottom of the complex there is a memorial and several altars decorated with beautiful carvings. On the second floor there is a hall dedicated to Confucius. It is notable only for the fact that the name of the philosopher is carved on its walls. The third floor is an exact replica of the Jade Emperor’s chambers. This room is the most beautiful: numerous frescoes on the walls, paintings on the ceiling, dragons, a memorial decorated with a scattering of precious stones – all this luxury evokes delight and amazement in every visitor.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Chengqing Lake

Not far from the city of Kaohsiung there is Lake Chengqing. Its name can be translated as “crystal clear.” Locals call it Lotus Lake, and for good reason. Every year these beautiful flowers bloom on the surface of the water, whose beauty has been sung many times by oriental poets.

A picturesque park with numerous temples stretches around the lake. One of them was built in honor of the god of medicine, Pasheng Tati, more than a century ago. The original zigzag bridge that connects the small islands with each other is surprising. A tourist walk is not limited to just observing natural beauty. Anyone can rent a boat or ride a horse, go fishing and even play golf.

7 places to visit in Taiwan

Temple of Three Phoenixes

In the city of Kaohsiung, tourists most often visit one of the most beautiful temples on the island – the Temple of Three Phoenixes, the entrance to which is guarded by large stone lions. In the Buddha Hall you can see three of his images, which “sit” on a lotus, the backs of an elephant and a lion. They are surrounded by armed guards, as well as temple novices who read prayers and are constantly here.

The Temple of Three Phoenixes is always open to the public. There is no need to pay for entry, the main thing is to behave quietly and calmly.

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