5 ski resorts in Georgia

5 ski resorts in Georgia

Georgians sometimes say: “If you smooth out the mountains with an iron, the country will become 10 times larger.” Indeed, two thirds of Georgia’s area is occupied by mountains. In the south there are the ridges of the Lesser Caucasus (2000-3000 meters above sea level), in the north – the Greater Caucasus (up to 5000 meters). With the onset of winter, Georgia can provide many unforgettable experiences for lovers of active recreation. Among the main ones are a variety of snow slopes, convenient ski lifts, a safe and hospitable environment.

Climate and features of local mountains

The Caucasus Mountains have an alpine climate with heavy snowfall in winter. Due to the fact that the Caucasus Range shields the country from the cold Arctic winds, there are almost no severe frosts here. Temperatures typically range from minus 3°C to minus 15°C, making this ideal skiing weather. The higher the mountains above sea level, the colder it is. So, above 3,500 meters the kingdom of snow and ice begins, and it is cold there at any time of the year. The official opening of the ski season in Georgia begins in November and the season lasts until May in some regions. But the best snow is in December – March.

How to get there

There are no direct flights between Russia and Georgia. It is most convenient to fly with transfers through Yerevan or Istanbul. To enter, Russians only need a foreign passport; they can stay in the country for 365 days without a visa. Each of the resorts can be reached by public transport or rent a car and be more mobile when moving.


5 ski resorts in Georgia

How to get there

First, by plane to Tbilisi, and from there by public transport. Direct minibuses depart daily from the Didube bus station to the village of Gudauri. You can get to the Didube station by metro, and at the station ticket office you can check the schedule and buy a bus ticket. Travel time will take 2 hours 30 minutes. You can also take a taxi or transfer, or rent a car.

Gudauri is a resort with well-developed infrastructure. There is everything for a full-fledged ski sport: ski lifts, an extreme park, all types of slopes – from green for beginners to black for pros. The length of the trails is 50 kilometers, and there are 22 kilometers in total. The resort has excellent viewing platforms with stunning panoramas of mountains and valleys – the views will delight those who like to capture a winter fairy tale on camera. From the unusual: you can admire the mountain peaks and gorges from a bird’s eye view. An unforgettable experience awaits you from flying on a paraglider – a paraglider in the form of a soft wing.

Where to stay

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort (rating 8.1) – from 4,900 rubles per night*.

SkyTop Studios (rating 9.6) – from 6,200 rubles per night*.

Snow Rooms Hotel (rating 9.8) – from 6,900 rubles per night*.


5 ski resorts in Georgia

How to get there

Fly to Tbilisi, and from there get to Bakuriani by minibus, train or taxi. You can take the bus from the Didube metro station or from the station square. The trip by minibus or car lasts about three hours. You can also travel by train with a change in Borjomi – the journey will take 8 hours. The distance from Tbilisi to Bakuriani is 180 kilometers.

The slopes of Bakuriani are more suitable for beginners. The total length of the trails for beginner athletes is about 20 kilometers, the highest slope reaches 2700 meters above sea level. On all slopes you can rent ski equipment, hire an instructor, stop at a cafe for a meal or drink hot tea.

The resort has entertainment for both children and adults: there is a large selection of restaurants, an amusement park, an ice field, and the opportunity to ride a sled and snow scooters. You can get unforgettable emotions by riding a toboggan. This is a cart on rails in which you can quickly or leisurely move down the mountain. The speed can be adjusted independently using a special lever. There are supermarkets in all points of the city, which makes it easier to stay at the resort if you want to stay longer. Bakuriani, an ideal ski resort for a family holiday.

Where to stay

Villa Mtashi (rating 9.1) – from 11,400 rubles per night*.

Villa Solnechnaya Dolina (rating 9) – from 16,000 rubles per night*.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta (rating 9) – from 7,100 rubles per night*.


5 ski resorts in Georgia

How to get there

Everything is the same: first by plane to Tbilisi, and from there by public transport or rented car. The resort is located in Svaneti, one of the most remote regions of Georgia, so the path ahead is long. The closest city to Tetnuldi is Mestia, it is located 475 kilometers from the capital and you will have to spend about 8 hours on the road. You can take a minibus from the Didube metro station or the train station. The journey from Mestia to the resort takes one hour, but you must ensure that the rented car has four-wheel drive. If you don’t want to worry about the road, you can take a taxi in the center of Mestia. Drivers offer their services in the central square of the town.

The ski season is the longest here – it lasts from December to April. And also the plumpest and freshest snow. All ski equipment can be rented. In Tetnuldi you can try different styles of skiing: freeride, ski touring, heli-skiing. In addition, activities such as paragliding and horseback riding tours. At the resort you can stop for lunch at one of the fast food cafes or at the Tetnuldi restaurant. Now there is only one hotel at the resort, so tourists prefer to stay in Mestia, where there is a larger selection of hotels.

Where to stay in Mestia

Paliani Hotel (rating 10) – from 6,900 rubles per night*.

Guesthouse Data (rating 9.7) – from 1,000 rubles per night*.

Sunset Terrace Mestia (rating 9.6) – from 5,500 rubles per night*.


5 ski resorts in Georgia

How to get there

Another resort in Svaneti. From Russia, the most convenient way is to fly by plane to Tbilisi, and from there by minibus to Mestia. The Hasvali ski resort is located 8 kilometers from the city, and is connected to Mestia by an asphalt road, as well as a 6-seater cable car. 

The place is suitable for those who are looking for unity with nature – there are few tourists here. At the resort you can rent any ski equipment and use the services of a guide. There are many backcountry opportunities. And the main feature of the resort is the night lights, so lovers of skiing after sunset can fully enjoy the process.

Be sure to visit the Zuruldi cafe – the windows offer a picturesque view of the endless mountain range. In good weather, you can even see the famous two-headed Ushba from here. The cafe is located at the highest point of the resort at the end of the cable car and is open at any time of the year.

Where to stay in Mestia

WinterFell Mestia (rating 9.7) – from 9,100 rubles per night*.

Cottage Dabderr Mestia (rating 10) – from 11,400 rubles per night*.

Hotel Posta (rating 8.4) – from 8,000 rubles per night*. 


5 ski resorts in Georgia

How to get there

It is more convenient to fly to Batumi; the resort is located in mountainous Adjara, 109 kilometers from the city. You can get to Goderdzi by rented car or taxi. But you need to take into account that in winter you will need an SUV. The drive is approximately three hours, but keep in mind that the last section of the road from Batumi is in poor condition.

Due to its proximity to the Black Sea, there is a lot of rainfall here in January–February, so skiers and snowboarders will be pleased with fresh, plump snowdrifts at this time. The trail routes run through coniferous forests and sometimes even pass through villages. The total length of the ski slopes is only 8 km, but this small figure is compensated by the height of the slope – 2364 meters above sea level. The resort offers medium and difficult trails. All equipment can be rented. For beginners there is a 150-meter training track and guide services are available.

Since Goderdzi is a relatively young resort (it has been operating since 2015), the infrastructure is not yet particularly developed. There are several fast food cafes and one restaurant on site. But locals like to come here for a weekend or one day to enjoy nature and return to comfortable conditions.

Where to stay in Batumi

Diana — Castello Mare (score 10) – from 12,500 rubles per night*.

Glamping Martini Kvariati (rating 10) – from 10,500 rubles per night*.

Tapis Rouge VIP Boutique Hotel 5* Batumi (rating 9.2) – from 8,000 rubles per night*.

*Prices are current at the time of publication.

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