5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Five days for a trip to the capital of Germany – is it a lot or a little? Quite enough if you plan your route wisely! And in order not to waste your time on this, use a ready-made guide from our travel expert.

How to get from the airport to the city

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Berlin Tegel Airport

The BVG bus will take you to Central Station in 25 minutes. Ticket prices start from 1.70 € and depend on the chosen category.

You can also get to the city by taxi. An Uber ride to the city center will cost 26–35 €.

Schönefeld Airport

From Schönefeld Airport it is easy to reach Alexanderplatz by train. The journey will take about 25 minutes, and the ticket will cost 3.40 €.

The cost of an Uber trip to the city center will be from 42 to 60 €.

In Berlin, we suggest staying in one of the following hostels. The first of them is located closer to Berlin Tegel Airport, and the second is in the city center. 

  • Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin
  • The Circus Hostel

What to see in the city

Berlin is the capital of Germany and a very diverse city, combining the heritage of the most important historical events, modern cultural trends and free morals.


5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

One of the most iconic places in Berlin. Once a market square, it was destroyed during the war, and then restored and surrounded by modern buildings.

The square is crowned with a large World Clock – a rotating sculpture that displays time in different parts of the world.

Not far from Alexanderplatz rises the 368-meter Berlin TV Tower. You can climb it to view the city from above. The ticket will cost 16.50 €.

Address: Panoramastraße 1A, Berlin

Official website: Berliner Fernsehturm

St. Mary’s Church and St. Nicholas Church

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Behind the Berlin TV Tower stands the cozy Church of St. Mary. It’s worth a look inside to see the light-filled interior.

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, Berlin

Not far from the Church of St. Mary, one of the symbols of the city was erected – the Church of St. Nicholas. From the outside, the building is architecturally impressive. Currently the church functions as a museum. On Fridays, from 17:00 to 17:30, there are concerts of enchanting music with the participation of the organ.

Address: Nikolaikirchplatz, Berlin

Museum Island

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Crossing the Friedrichsbrücke pedestrian bridge, you will find yourself on the famous Museum Island. It contains historical buildings, inside of which the Bode Museum, the Old National Gallery, the iconic Pergamon Museum and the Old and New Museums are now open. Follow the links to learn more about each of them.

The main attraction of the museum island is the symbol of the city – the Berlin Cathedral. Enter to see the majestic dome and architecture.


5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

The Reichstag is the building in which the German national parliament currently meets. The building itself is interesting with its large glass dome, which offers panoramic views of Berlin.

Visiting the Reichstag and its dome is free, but all visitors must register in advance. The most convenient way is to do this online in advance.

Address: Platz der Republik 1, Berlin

Official website: Reichstagsgebäude

Brandenburg Gate and Greater Tiergarten

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

The Brandenburg Gate stands on Paris Square – one of the main attractions of Berlin. From the square, the gate leads to the largest park in the city – the Great Tiergarten. In addition to a huge green area with ponds and alleys, which in some places resemble a forest, there is a monument to Goethe, a Memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers and the Victory Column.

If you take the narrow paths, in the park you can find flower beds with roses, Rhododendronhain, a monument to Beethoven and the Berlin Zoo.

Holocaust Memorial

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Not far from the Brandenburg Gate there is another important landmark of Berlin – the Holocaust Memorial. It is built in the form of a labyrinth of columns of different heights, between which you can walk.

Underground there is an exhibition hall dedicated to the Holocaust. You can visit it for 3 €.

Address: Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, Berlin

Potsdamer Platz

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Come to Potsdamer Platz to look at modern Berlin. There are glass high-rise buildings, numerous bars, restaurants and shops here.

The most notable thing in the square is the street space Sony Center. A roof hangs over it, which is illuminated at night and creates a light show involving the glass facades of the surrounding buildings.

In the past, the famous Berlin Wall passed through the square, the remains of which are exhibited here in the form of monuments.

East Side Gallery

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

On the banks of the Spree River, the remains of the Berlin Wall are preserved. Now they are painted with graffiti referencing social and political motives, among which you can find the famous “Brotherly Kiss” graffiti.

Here you can also visit the Berlin Wall Museum. The ticket will cost 12.50 €. Museum address: Mühlenstraße 78-80, Berlin.

Not far from the Eastside Gallery, on the river, there is an art object “Molecular Man”. It is especially interesting to look at it in the evening when the lights come on. Excellent views of the sculpture can be seen from the promenade near the Porsche Digital Lab building (Stralauer Allee 12, Berlin).

Landwehr Canal and Kreuzberg

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

For a non-touristy Berlin experience, head to the Kreuzberg district. Here you will find many bars and restaurants, street art and interesting architecture.

Böckler Park is located along the Landwehr Canal embankment. It is customary to lie on its lawns, have picnics and parties.

To get to Kreuzberg, get off at Hallesches Tor or Prinzenstraße metro stations.

Botanical Garden Berlin

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

The Berlin Botanical Garden displays all kinds of plants brought from different parts of the world. Here you can wander through a huge park among rare specimens of flora, visit magnificent tropical greenhouses and arboretums, as well as a museum of archaeological finds.

Ticket price: 6 €

Address: Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, Berlin (entrance from Unter den Eichen or Königin-Luise-Platz)

Official website: Botanischer Garten

Charlottenburg Castle

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Photo : Abel Tumik/Shutterstock.com

For a break from the bustling streets of Berlin, head to the outskirts of the city – Charlottenburg Castle. The majestic palace, which once served as the residence of Prussian kings and German emperors, is surrounded by a huge park with quiet alleys, streams and bridges.

Ticket price: 12 € (entrance to the palace). Entrance to the park is free.

Address: Spandauer Damm 20-24, Berlin

Berlin area

Potsdam: Sanssouci Park and Cecilienhof Palace

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Potsdam is a small town near Berlin, famous for its picturesque parks and exquisite palaces. The historic city center consists of small buildings and cobbled streets, and also has its own Brandenburg Gate.

How to get there: the most convenient way to get to Potsdam is by train, which departs from Berlin Central Station and takes 25 minutes. The ticket will cost 3.40 €.

Once you arrive in the city, head to Sans Souci Park, a sprawling grounds with a palace, gardens and remarkable pavilions that once served as the summer residence of Frederick the Great. Admission to the park is free.

How to get there: From Potsdam train station to the park you can walk through the city center for 40 minutes (about 3.2 kilometers) or take a tram ride in 5 minutes – ticket price is 1.50 €.

Official website: Park Sanssouci

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

After a walk in Sanssouci Park, head towards the Cecilienhof Palace. It is located in New Sad on the shores of Lake Jungfernsee. The architecture of the palace is interesting with brickwork, dark oak details and chimneys.

Ticket price: from 6 to 8 €

How to get there: from Sans Souci Park to the palace, the walk will take about 40 minutes (3.2 kilometers). On the way you can see the Nauen Gate with cone-shaped towers and the groves of the New Garden. If you want to get to the palace faster, take a taxi.

Official website: Museum Schloss Cecilienhof

5 days in Berlin: guide from travel expert OneTwoTrip

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