18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

Europe has endless appeal for all types of travelers. On the one hand, this is a concentration of a huge number of cultural and historical monuments, picturesque landscapes, and on the other, an endless waste of money. Of course, you can travel on almost any budget, but if you want “cheap, but with comfort,” then this list is for you.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

1. Albanian coast

Albania is a country washed by two seas at once – the Adriatic and Ionian. The coast has a mild Mediterranean climate, dry and hot in summer, and humid and cool in winter.

Tourists most often choose popular coastal resorts – Durres, Fier, Saranda, Vlora, Shkodra.

Lovers of cultural tourism also have something to do, for example, visit the archaeological museum-reserve of Butrint and the historical centers of Berat and Gjirokastra, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Several Albanian cities still have medieval castles, such as Petrela Castle in the suburbs of Tirana and Skanderbeg Castle in Kruje.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: bottle of red wine – 6€.
Food: minced meat pies €2, seafood – 5€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 10€/30€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

2. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a population of approximately 400,000 people. On the one hand, it is a modern Western city, on the other, it is a strict Eastern city, almost half of the city’s population professes Islam.

The main historical attractions are concentrated in the old city: the caravanserai in the city of Moricha Khan, the Imperial Mosque, the Gazi-Khosrevbey Mosque (16th century),

Barcharshiya tower, Kuršumli madrasah with a collection of medieval manuscripts and books, house-museum of the Ottoman Svrzho family.

During the day it is interesting to take a walk in the central region of Bascarsia, look at and explore the bazaar that has existed since Ottoman times, try Bosnian coffee, and go clubbing in the evening.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: coffee – 0.5€.
Food: sevapsisi (meat sausages) – 2-4€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 5€/25€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

3. Bansko, Bulgaria

Indulging in skiing in Europe is not a cheap pleasure, not least because the main ski resorts are located in the most expensive European countries. Luckily, there are several ski destinations in Eastern Europe, such as the Bulgarian Bansko, located on the slopes of Pirin.

You can get to the main ski resort in the country, rich in excellent slopes for beginners and experienced skiers, via a picturesque, albeit very slow, narrow-gauge railway. However, in addition to tourist attractions, there is something to have fun in the city, for example, go hiking in the traditional old pubs located in the cobblestone streets.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: beer (0.5) – 1€.
Food: Shopska salad – 3€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 10€/20€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

4. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic still remains one of the most popular European destinations among Russian tourists. The country, in addition to amazing architecture, both ancient and modern, is famous for its brewing traditions.

In Prague itself, the choice of drinking establishments is wide – from a variety of taverns and monastery taverns to modern microbreweries. In total, more than 100 types of beer are brewed in the city.

After tasting some of them, you can continue your tour of the Czech Republic and go to the homeland of Pilsner Urquell, the city of Pilsen, and further, to lesser-known places like Olomouc, which is more like a large open-air museum, thanks to the dense concentration of castles, fortresses, and ancient churches and cathedrals, churches and gardens.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: Pilsner Urquell beer – 1.5€.
Food: dumplings with pork – 5€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 6€/40€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

5. Baltic coast of Estonia

On their first trip to Estonia, tourists usually stop in Tallinn and spend most of their time there. Although there are many interesting places in Estonia besides the capital. The whole country is like one big resort, with many lakes, mineral springs, wide beaches and a high level of service.

An hour’s drive from Tallinn is Lahemaa National Park, one of the largest in the country. Most of it is covered by swamps, in several parts of which there are small lakes. You can walk around the park by bicycle or on foot – the walking path is made of wooden flooring.

And if you go a little further to the west, you will find yourself in the resort of Pärnu, with its gorgeous beaches, or on the island of Saaremaa, where there are many pine forests and very affordable spas.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: Le Coq beer – 2.5€.
Food: blood sausages and sauerkraut – 5€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 10€/45€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

6. Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig is the largest city in Saxony. Bach, Wagner, Mendelssohn and Goethe once lived here. In addition to its talented residents, the city is famous for its fairs. In total there are about 25.

of them per year

The city also has many cultural and historical attractions: the Old Town Hall, built in the 16th century in just 9 months, the Royal House, where Peter I stayed during his trip to Europe. The great composer Johann is buried in the Church of St. Thomas Sebastian Bach, next to the cathedral there is a museum named after him.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: gose (a type of top-fermented beer) – 2.9€.
Food: schnitzel – 8€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 13€/35€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

7. London, England

“London” and “cheap” are words that rarely appear side by side. However, London has more free things to do than any other European city. the British Museum, which has collected treasures for the most discerning tastes, the Tate Gallery with stunning views and panoramas and ever-changing collections; natural history museum with dinosaur skeletons. And everything is free.

And don’t forget about the street: you can spend a whole day walking along Hampstead Heath, and another one in the South Bank or the East End and its markets: it’s much easier to get a taste of the city this way than languishing in queues for some overrated attraction.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: lager – 5€.
Food: fish and chips – 11€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 12€/80–100€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

8. Peloponnese, Greece

Peloponnese is not the most popular destination in Greece, which is why it is quite budget-friendly. There are many beaches, clear sea and beautiful nature.

On the peninsula, in addition to natural attractions, there are also historical ones, for example, the Statue of Zeus in Olympia – one of the 7 wonders of the world of antiquity, the remains of the temples of Hera and Zeus. Another interesting place is the ghost town of Mystras, which was built from the ruins of ancient Sparta, which is located nearby.

Few people know, but in the Peloponnese you can go skiing and snowboarding. The season lasts from December to the first half of April. There are all types of tracks to choose from: from green to black.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: ouzo – 3€.
Food: souvlaki (kebab) – 3€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 20€/30€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

9. Budapest, Hungary

Despite the fact that Budapest is a beautiful and modern city, prices for tourists here are very reasonable. For example, a day in the famous baroque Szechenyi Baths will cost about 16 euros, and these baths are considered one of the most expensive in the city. To avoid queues and a large number of vacationers, it is better to go here on weekdays or on weekends early in the morning. Thermal baths start working from 6 am.

Another wonderful place for a traveler not burdened with a lot of money – establishments with the borozó sign are wine eateries where you can drink wine for pennies. There is no need to fear for your health – locals come here before or after work to chat and relax. Naturally, they serve Hungarian: red, white or pink. If, while walking, you saw a sign with the inscription Söröző – feel free to come in, this establishment does not look like the previous one, only instead of wine they serve beer.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: bottle of wine – from 1€.
Food: goulash – 3-4€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 5€/30€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

10. Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Few tours around Europe are complete without visiting charming Italian cities – sophisticated Florence, ancient Rome and amazing Venice. There is no doubt about their attractiveness, but the fact is that they are located at the intersection of all tourist routes, which greatly increases prices, especially during the high season.

If you leave the continent for Sicily, its capital Palermo, you will discover a city that simultaneously resembles the Italy of bygone years and, according to the locals, a completely different country. The city is full of old churches with elaborate mosaics or chaotic small markets where you can enjoy street food such as arancini rice balls or panelle.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: bottle of wine – 2.5€.
Food: pasta – €5-8, slice of pizza – 2€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 15–30€/45–60€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

11. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Wide and deep, Lake Ohrid is a real pearl of Macedonia. The quiet streets of the city of the same name hide medieval churches covered with frescoes, a Roman amphitheater and a fortress, which would be a sin not to visit. But walks around the city will again and again lead you to the water, where locals and tourists eagerly go boating.

If you are more accustomed to solid ground, go for a walk in the Galicica National Park. Room rentals are cheap and accommodations are plentiful, making it a great place for budget travelers looking to unwind.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: wine – from 2.5€ per bottle.
Food: tavche gravce (beans in a frying pan) – 1.5€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 6€/25€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

12. Kotor, Montenegro

Beautiful, located in a fjord-like bay, Kotor captivates tourists from the first minutes. The city center, Stari Grad, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 as one of the best preserved medieval cities on the Adriatic coast.

In addition to exploring cultural and historical architectural monuments, people come to Kotor for numerous festivals and carnivals, as well as for gastronomic pleasures: the city has many restaurants and cafes serving the freshest seafood.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: Nikšičko Tamno beer – 1€.
Food: sarma – 2.5-4€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 10€/50€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

13. Gdansk, Poland

According to historical data, it was in Gdansk that the Second World War began. When Hitler planned to start a war, the first thing he demanded was the return of Danzig (now Gdansk) to Germany,

Poland refused, this was the pretext for the attack. As a result of shelling and bombing, almost 90% of the city’s buildings were destroyed. After Soviet troops liberated the city in March 1945, a large-scale restoration of the city began, the results of which can be seen now.

One of the main attractions of the city, an ancient port crane on the embankment built in the 15th century, miraculously survived, and now it can be seen the same as people living several centuries ago saw it.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: vodka – 1€ per shot.
Food: zurek soup – 2-3€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 7€/35€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

14. Porto, Portugal

The second largest city in Portugal stands on the banks of the Duoro River. Ribeira, an area of ​​the city stretching along the river, is attractive for delicious food in local restaurants.

Other popular attractions include the giant Serralves Park and the chic art museum located in it. But the most famous thing in the city is the port itself. Vinologia is a great place to start exploring the variety of fortified wines, or you can also go shopping in Vila Nova di Gaia on the opposite side of the river.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: a bottle of vinho verde in the store – 3.5 €.
Food: fried fish – 8€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 8€/45€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

15. Transylvania, Romania

When you hear the word “Transylvania,” the first association is Count Dracula and his castle. And you can definitely go looking for traces of Vlad the Impaler. Most likely, Vlad was born in the cozy town of Sighisoara, which even has a suitable fortress.

However, this place is not only castles and vampire fangs. Wander into the forests of the Carpathian Mountains, where Transylvanian wolves, bears, deer and lynx live naturally in the Piatra Craiului National Park.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: a bottle of beer – 1.8€, a bottle of Romanian wine – 5€.
Food: tochitura (meat stew) – 2€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 12€/30€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

16. High Tatras, Slovakia

The pride of Slovakia, the Tatra mountain range is a majestic ridge topped by Mount Gerlachovsky Štit, 2655 meters high. You can start your trip in a small village like Novy Smokovec or Zdiar, and from there head to the mountains, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle in inexpensive chalets.

The terrain is mountainous and difficult, so prepare accordingly. This is also a favorite place among amateur climbers and speleologists, plus here you can ride a bike, go on a rafting tour, and in winter a full range of skiing and alpine skiing activities are available.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: beer – 1.7€.
Food: nokki with bacon – 4€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 9€/30€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

17. Slovenia

Bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, small Slovenia is a great stop on any European trip. For adventure seekers as well as for those who simply want to relax on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

At the foot of the Julian Alps are twin lakes: picturesque Bled and glacial Lake Bohinj. From here it is a stone’s throw to the Soča River valley, right on the Italian border, and there is hiking, rafting and boating.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: bottle of beer – 2.5€.
Food: pizza – 5–7€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 12€/60€.

18 cheap places in Europe for the budget traveler

18. Andalusia, Spain

Spain’s southernmost province, Andalusia, is known for its charming cities, especially Seville, Granada and Cordoba, adorned with the sophisticated heritage of its Moorish past. Only the prices here are more interesting when compared with Madrid or Barcelona.

The main attractions are located in the cities, and the best thing you can do is rent a car and go explore all the cities in order.

Approximate prices:
Drinks: sherry – 1.7-2.5€.
Food: daily menu – 10-12€.
Hostel/hotel 3*: 10€/35–80€.

* Accommodation prices are indicated at the time of writing. The cost indicated in the material and the final price may vary depending on the season and time for which tickets are purchased.

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