12 ways to make a long flight easier

12 ways to make a long flight easier

It’s rare that anyone enjoys a long flight. Uncomfortable posture, nausea, screams of children in the neighboring rows, food that is not always appetizing, the inability to sleep – all these delights of a long-hour journey are well known. But every passenger has a chance to turn long torment into a relaxing holiday. 12 tips for a comfortable flight are given in the article.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

1. Choose comfortable clothes

If you want to sleep on the plane, try to wear something similar to pajamas for the trip (not necessarily with teddy bears and hearts, but preferably loose and soft). For both men and women, a T-shirt, old jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweatshirt are ideal for a flight. You should not wear tight synthetic clothes and narrow high-heeled shoes; it is also better to remove belts and ties.

2. Avoid noise

Try to buy special sound-absorbing headphones, put them on before bed, and the noise of the engine, the hum of conversations of hundreds of people, which increases in a limited space, will no longer interfere with your rest. If you can’t buy headphones in advance, just use quality earplugs.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

3. Exclude light

Don’t forget a dark eye mask – it can help even when you can’t sleep. It has been verified that a person suffering from insomnia, wearing a mask and being in the dark, falls asleep faster.

4. Drink water

During the flight, the body really needs water. Therefore, drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea – these drinks interfere with normal sleep and dehydrate, when your body needs the opposite. Take an empty large bottle and fill it with clean water after checking your luggage, or buy still water before boarding and be sure to empty the container before the end of the flight.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

5. Moisturize your skin

Dry air in the cabin can be very harmful to the skin. To prevent your skin from cracking like the ground without rain, apply moisturizer to your face, hands, and lips. Dry air is also harmful to your eyes – if you usually wear contact lenses, then during the flight it is better to replace them with glasses and do not forget to take moisturizing drops into the cabin.

6. Fuel up with freshly squeezed juice

Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of good fruit or vegetable juice. There are usually plenty of kiosks at airports where you can buy it. Juice in a package with sugar and preservatives will not replace freshly squeezed juice, but will only make you thirsty.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

7. Use travel time wisely

If you really love cinema and plan to watch at least three films during the flight, then this will most likely bring you pleasure and brighten up your time. But if you usually look at the screen simply because you have nothing to do, it’s better to think about your plan of action on the plane in advance. When you feel airborne, don’t torture yourself with activities that require attention. If you can handle flying well, grab a book you want but don’t have time to read, and you’ll love long flights.

8. Take a suitable place

Before checking in online, choose a seat in the cabin that you like. Do you want to look out the window or prefer to sit in the aisle so you can get up at any time? When you purchase a ticket on OneTwoTrip.com, seat selection is free.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

9. Bring socks

Frozen feet are not conducive to a pleasant pastime. Often the cabin floor is very cold, so be sure to take a pair of warm, loose socks, preferably without elastic.

10. Collect miles

If you travel frequently on the same route, choose the best airline and earn miles. Besides the fact that you will be able to spend them sooner or later, miles provide serious privileges. For example, the opportunity to board first or VIP treats during the flight will help brighten up a long flight. When purchasing tickets on OneTwoTrip.com, you can also earn miles.

12 ways to make a long flight easier

11. Eat well

Again, dull pasta or boring chicken? Try not to despair of on-board meals. Choose something you haven’t tried yet, add more pepper and don’t skimp on the sauce, put the bread and butter on a container with a hot dish to warm them up. Don’t eat something you can’t stand just because you need to eat something. Moreover, now in some airlines you can order a menu long before the flight.

12. Stay positive

Stop worrying about the time lost on the road, and treat the flight as an opportunity to devote these hours to yourself. Don’t view the flight as a meaningless empty part of the trip, but do what you want to do but don’t have time to do at home. Grab a snack, read a book, meditate, listen to music, emotionally prepare for the upcoming vacation or work – in general, sit back, put your feelings and thoughts in order, and you will appreciate the time spent above the earth.

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