10 destinations for women traveling alone

10 destinations for women traveling alone

“Solo” travel is a great way to relax, deepen into self-knowledge, expand your comfort zone and, perhaps, find love. This must be done at least once in your life, of course, not forgetting about safety. Let’s talk about places where it’s not boring to be alone, it’s not dangerous, it’s beautiful, and there’s someone to make friends with.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Rome, Italy

The capital of a country known for its romance, delicious food, beautiful people and high fashion, Rome appeals to all five senses at once. The bustling streets of the old town are full of surprises and don’t be surprised if you receive a marriage proposal on the first day of your arrival. Try all the flavors of gelato, ride a bike, drink clean water from the fountains, pet the cats in Torre Argentina and think about the proposal.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Tours from locals in Rome

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Chiang Mai, Thailand

An hour’s flight from Bangkok and you are in Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand, the cradle of Thai culture and the place of searching for “zen”. An abundance of vegetarian dishes, all kinds of yoga styles, more than 300 Buddhist temples – Chiang Mai is an ideal place for lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s safe enough to wander around the back streets looking for a restaurant or a temple. You can go on an elephant ride or visit a village where women with long necks live. And don’t forget the night market on Sunday – you can buy local jewelry there.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Goa, India

A palm-tree-dotted beach town of eternal summer, Goa welcomes nearly two million tourists a year. Here they have long been accustomed to Europeans and women can safely wear their usual clothes without fear of disrespectful attitude from local men.

There are 30 beaches in the city – you can have a pleasant time on any of them, lying on a sun lounger and sipping mango lassi. You can find a group to do yoga, and in the evening you can all have dinner together at a restaurant on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the informal capital of culture, fine dining, live music, the best shopping in Australia and just a beautiful city.

Using a well-thought-out public transport system, you can be on time everywhere. The tram will take you to the bohemian suburb of St Kilda, where cafes offer great food and good books, before heading to Luna Park or shopping on Chapel Street. Enjoy free music festivals and watch the Australian Open tennis match.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is located on the Caribbean Sea, a few hours’ drive from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. It’s a beautiful city, fairly safe and quieter than other tourist areas in Mexico. Friendly locals assure that a single woman can rent a bungalow on the beach and spend the night there alone. Spend the day by the sea or head into town for cheap, delicious food and live music. Don’t forget to visit the ruins of Chechen Itza and swim with turtles on Akumal Beach.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Maui, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island, calm and safe, will touch a woman’s heart with its beautiful coastline and sea of ​​flowers, bright sarong skirts and the famous aroma of blooming frangipani.

The city of Makawao hosts street parties every third Friday of the month that are definitely worth attending. Also, take a trip to the waterfalls and set your alarm to wake up early to watch the sunrise at Haleakala Crater.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Ubud, Bali

Ubud is surrounded by picturesque rice fields and dense forests and lies practically on the ocean – this is a real paradise for lovers of solo holidays. Here you can walk everywhere, buy delicious local food for less than $5, and choose quality clothes from local designer boutiques.

Be sure to greet the monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest, don’t miss the yoga classes and order a relaxing and inexpensive massage in your room.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, a cozy city on the Pacific coast of Southern California, offers plenty of fun for women traveling alone. If you’re tired of sunbathing on the beach, you can ride your bike to Redondo Beach, jog on the boardwalk or rollerblade, meeting a celebrity along the way. Santa Monica has plenty of cafes and bars serving organic food and drinks, and the famous Cafe Gratitude offers vegan lunches.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful architecture, picturesque canals, flower fields – you won’t be bored in friendly and dynamic Amsterdam. Explore the city center on foot, visit the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums, take a canal cruise, and indulge in some retail therapy in the boutiques of the fashionable streets of Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat.

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Tours from locals in Amsterdam

10 destinations for women traveling alone

Cuzco, Peru

The ancient capital of the Incas, the city of Cusco, lying at an altitude of 3.4 kilometers above sea level, today has become a home for expats and an attractive point on the map for tourists. Admire the remains of Incan architecture, walk along ancient cobblestone streets, have lunch in a cozy cafe in the colorful Plaza de Armas, and buy a llama wool scarf at the Mercado. It’s worth riding along a horse trail to the sacred site of Sacsayhuaman (sounds almost like a sexy woman), and then buying souvenirs created by local handicrafts.

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