Ski resorts in Slovenia: 6 reasons to go to one of them

Slovenia is one of the best resort countries in Europe: mineral waters, Adriatic beaches, mountain forests and Alpine mountain resorts attract travelers. As well as charming medieval towns, hospitable residents and low prices. Today we’ll tell you why you should go to the Slovenian ski resorts in the Julian Alps, which are just an hour’s […]

Inexpensive and unconventional. Where to go on February 23?

This year Defender of the Fatherland Day falls on Friday and this means that we have 3 days off ahead of us. And if you add half of the previous day to them, you can go on a full-fledged trip, especially considering that February is not the most tourist month, and prices for air tickets

Where to fly on a budget in December

1. St. Petersburg from 1,056 rubles 2. Kazan from 1,842 rubles 3. Cologne from 2,042 rubles 4. Dusseldorf from 4,243 rubles 5. Berlin from 4,689 rubles 6. Munich from 6,052 rubles

Where to go in winter: 10 snow resorts

“Nature has no bad weather,” and each season has its own special charm. So, if summer attracts with beaches and warm seas, then winter has other treasures in store. Cold weather is the best time to go high, high into the mountains, where fresh snow glistens in the sun and the blue sky rings with

5 European capitals where you can celebrate the New Year for free

In Europe, it is customary to celebrate Christmas at the table with family, and New Year – on the streets of the city, where dozens of concerts are played and fireworks are lit. We will tell you where in Europe you can celebrate the New Year cheap and fun. 1. Concerts on the canals of

Where to ski and snowboard on a budget in Europe

Every year ski tourism becomes more and more popular. We will tell you about the best resorts in Europe, where you can relax inexpensively and go skiing and snowboarding. Austria Austria is a ski paradise in the center of the Alps. Prices here are much lower than in neighboring Switzerland, and the number of ski

What to do at a ski resort in winter

Sounds like a stupid question with an obvious answer: skiing and snowboarding. But in reality, everything is much more interesting: firstly, skiing itself is far from limited to downhill skiing, the main thing is not to be afraid to try new things, and secondly, in addition to snowboarding and skiing, modern resorts have a lot

Arrow to the north: where to go on holiday in the Arctic

A trip to the north in winter is an unusual decision that will bring many unexpected impressions. For example, you can cross the Arctic Circle on reindeer, ski under the northern lights, spend a weekend on an icebreaker and get acquainted with the national traditions of small indigenous peoples. We tell you how to organize

Where to go skiing: foreign resorts

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are one of the most popular winter holiday activities. We tell you which countries to fly to for beautiful mountain landscapes, ideally spent routes and vivid impressions. All you have to do is choose your favorite ski resort, book your flight, accommodation and head off to the snow! Turkey How to

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